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My name is Fred Breitfelder, but most riggers know me by my nick-name, Fritz.I’ve been rigging since 1985. My first climbing harness cost me $7. I used it – most times.In those days we didn’t use lasers. Because we didn’t have them. Best we could do was to trust the guy who was “best at lookin’ up.” Or spit. Sometimes that was close enough.And we didn’t use deck chain or STAC chain. (Same reason as above). Those came later.In those days mostly we would change the basket size on one side of a bridle. Or just double or triple wrap around a beam to get the needed adjustment. Shows back then weren’t really so demanding in terms of precision.Those days are gone.There weren’t any training programs available to me at the time, either. Lucky for me I like math and I like puzzles. So I worked out some rules for myself. They’re here for you now.These days, you’ll need to know these concepts more than ever…Happy reading!

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